The sessions are billed according to their duration. The sessions last from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the case.


The first session usually lasts 45 minutes, as it is necessary to take stock of your background.


A session from 30 to 45 minutes and more is charged 130.- CHF


A session up to 30 minutes is charged 110 .- CHF


Saturday consultations are surcharged by 20.- CHF


Any missed session not cancelled24 hours in advance will be charged at the usual rate


Payments are made after each session with different methods of payment possible.
A receipt is issued after each payment.

Consultations are payable in:

Cash :

Bank cards :

Payment slips*


*Only from the 2nd session. The first consultation is only payable in cash or bank card.

This method of payment is increased by 5.- CHF per invoice for administrative costs.


Cases of illness :

The swiss basic insurance (LaMAL) does not support osteopathy. This is reimbursed by supplementary insurance. However, you must check with your insurance that your contract covers osteopathy as well as the osteopath who treats you. The Osteopathic Permanence of Geneva SA is not responsible for your contractual relations with your complementary insurance or the reimbursement of our invoices. Contrary to popular belief, in 95% of cases, there is no deductible for your complementary, only the base is concerned.


Accident case :

The management of osteopathy by accident insurance is possible but varies from one insurance to another. Some accident insurance, such as Baloise, can cover 100% of costs in the event of prior agreement between the insured and the insurance (simple phone call).
You are therefore strongly advised to call your accident insurance to determine with them the reimbursement services they offer.
The assumption of responsibility being variable between the different insurances, the insured is forced to regulate the sessions like in case of illness. However, if a prior agreement on the exact amount of coverage by the accident insurance is determined before the start of treatment, an invoice corresponding to the amount paid by the insurance can be sent to the latter without being advanced by the insured. The latter will only have to complete at each meeting the part not covered by the insurance.


Insurance of international organizations (UN, WHO, ILO, etc.):

The health insurance of international organizations supports osteopathy sessions. However, it is best to come in consultation with a medical prescription.